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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I audit a class? Yes, Robert Wald Actors' Studio offers a free audit to any interested student. The free audit is offered on Tuesday night. Contact the studio to schedule a free audit class. Other options are available for new students including the option to participate on your first class. See the New Student page for more information or contact the Actors' Studio for details.

How much does a class cost? $250 tuition covers four weeks of classes. Most people who begin the program, wish to continue. At that point on the fifth week, the student will pay for a new series of four classes, - $250, etc.

What day is class? Class is offered on Tuesday evening.

What time does class begin? Classes being at 7 PM, but Call Time is 6:30. The 30 minutes before class is used to get the actor centered, get energy up, review and speed-test lines, and let go of the day's troubles. 

Can I miss a class? Yes, with a minimum of 24 hours notice to the studio. Every class is planned out in advance, so any time one needs to miss a class for any reason, one is going to be late, or one needs to leave early, please call the studio as soon as possible. With a minimum of 24 hour notice, the class will be credited and can be be made up at another time. Last minute emergencies do arise and special circumstances (sickness, shooting schedules, work or family emergencies, etc.) will be taken into account. Contact the studio as early as possible. Payment issues for last minute cancellations are handled on a case by case basis. If a cancelation is necessary, students are also responsible for contacting scene partners in advance to inform them and reschedule your scene if needed. (Be sure to get any acting partner's phone number before leaving class, in case of emergency.)

Can I get help with an upcoming audition? Yes, private coaching is available at $100 an hour. Contact Robert Wald for availability.

Robert Wald

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