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Class Information:

Ongoing classes - classes are continuous. The goal of the training is best thought of as a process of development over time.

Call Time - arrive 30 minutes before class.

Warm Up - the 30 minutes before class is used to get the actor centered, get energy up, speed-test lines, and let go of the day's troubles. Do not make the mistake of socializing during this time.

Missing Class - 24 hour notice required.

Every class is carefully planned in advance for the students in attendance; readings and memorized pieces are chosen for each student in advance. Consequently any time students need to miss a class for any reason, they must do so before the day of their class. If students are going to be late, or need to leave early, they will have to call the studio as soon as the problem arises or presents itself. Please also call any acting partners for the week and let him or her know in advance that you will not be there. (Be sure to get any acting partner's phone number before leaving class, in case of emergency.) This teaches the actor to conduct themselves professionally as the business requires.

Class Schedule:

Tuesday: 6:30 PM Call Time

6:30 PM - 7 PM Warm up & speed test scripts

7 PM - 10 PM Class

Robert Wald

Actor's Studio

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