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The challenge of the craft of acting is to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances. Acting must be real, believable, and spontaneous. Acting requires the actor to be in touch with his or her emotions and be immersed in the world of the moment.

Therefore the mission at Robert Wald Actors Studio is to:

  • train students to act spontaneously and creatively, through their talent or gift, as opposed to their mentality. 

  • teach actors how to be "in the moment", where the experience is as real as real can be, where one swears its one's life happening, even though it is under imaginary circumstances.

This is how the very best actors have learned to work throughout the generations and the reason we continue to respect and love these actors so much.

Not all of Robert's students are aspiring professional actors. Robert Wald teaches his techniques to students of varying ages, backgrounds, and experience.

Robert also teaches professionals in other disciplines, including lawyers,medical students,teachers, full-time mothers, and computer programmers.

Anyone who wants to learn to be more confident, a better speaker, and live in the moment would benefit from classes at Robert Wald Actors Studio. In addition, through the training, students learn how to concentrate better and for longer periods of time. This enhances the creative, instinctive, and intuitive parts of ones self.

Robert Wald

Actor's Studio

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