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Anyone can act. While good actors make it look easy, acting for film, TV, or theatre, requires the ability to create unique, truthful moments, again and again, for multiple shots, multiple takes or nightly performances. And that requires a technique that the actor can rely upon and summon at will.

The technique taught at Robert Wald Actors' studio is a variation of the Meisner technique. This technique trains the actor how to be in touch with his or her emotions in the moment, resulting in real, believable and spontaneous reactions. Robert Wald has adapted the Meisner technique into a clear progression of exercises, designed to become increasingly more challenging as the student progresses.

Bottom line; this training will teach the actor how to work spontaneously and creatively.

Specific information:

Schedule - What days and times classes are available.

Exercises - The exercises featured in class.

Training - An overview of what to expect in the training.

Philosophy - The philosophy behind the classes, exercises, and training.

New Students - Students new to Robert Wald Actor's Studio training should start here.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about classes.

Robert Wald

Actor's Studio

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